The Vision:

The BlackFrederick.com vision is to become the first place people turn to for news and information affecting Frederick’s African American community.

The Mission:

The BlackFrederick.com mission is to connect, inform and motivate African Americans in Frederick County, Maryland, and the surrounding areas to work together, share information, and to maintain an active, thriving community as a whole.  BlackFrederick.com celebrates diversity, culture, tradition and history in this community. 

Guiding Principles:

BlackFrederick.com is for the people, about the people, and with the people.  Our goal is to promote philanthropy and encourage diversity within the community, the workplace and the home. 

Our Cause:

BlackFrederick.com supports the Frederick community as a whole.  We believe that in building our immediate community, we enhance the area we inhabit.  By providing a variety of resources for our users, we hope to empower, engage and connect all current and potential community members.


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